We Are Much More Than a Motorcycle APP
We are a service to accelerate the evolution of the motorcycle world.

Invite other riders, plan rides together, share your stories, experiences and collaborate.


plan a ride
or Just Ride Along

Sign up, invite your friends and ride along.
Start your app, find routes,
select perfect rides, learn about the trip
or just wander.


Guide yourself and interact
with your friends

Using your phone’s GPS,
find your place on a map.
Track your path, interact with
your crew and ride safe.
Leave nobody behind.


check out your performances,
compare them and share with the world

At the end of your performances, you can
see your rides on a timeline with comments
and pictures. You can publish your own routes
and share these experiences with fellow riders
from all over the world.

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Our Features

Plan and create your Ride

The most complete briefing for your ride

Ride as a group

Riding alone is good, but with friends it is better

TRACK your performance

Know the ride’s elapsed time, range and average speed

Create or choose your Route

 Explore the best riders’ routes and share yours with the world

Follow the riders that ride with you

Built in GPS

Alert others about an incident

If anything happens, other riders can find you. Leave nobody behind

Compare your mileage/kilometers with others

Don’t be a garage rider

Challenge your friends

Be the best of the pack

Take part in our purpose and sign up.

We want to evolve the way you ride, how you interact with your bike, your friends, and the road ahead.

When you have passion, focus and inspiration,
the trip is already worth taking.


This is why we started this ride. We are riders and motorcycle
enthusiasts that believe it is possible to make
the riding experience much more gratifying for everyone:
riders, services and brands.
We need to work together and focus on the greater good.


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We believe that people can also enjoy the rides and not just the destinations.

We believe that through design and technology, we can transform the way we interact with our motorcycles, making the experience more enjoyable, fun, safe and sociable.

We believe that we need to demand better riding conditions, for our community and the world around us.

We believe we can make the most of the trip when we respect each other’s freedom.

We believe that the evolution of motorcycling is in better understanding the passion, engineering, community, culture and the environment in which it operates, raising valuable information for the development and it’s market innovation as a whole.

To accelerate the evolution of the motorcycle culture and market in the world.
Be the top of mind motorcyclist app and the most used by riders in 2 years. And gather a community of 1 million people in the whole world.
. Motorcycle Enthusiast
. Passion
. Brotherhood
. Family
. Social life
. Fun
. Hard workers
. Result driven
. High quality
. Motivation
. Excitement
. Sincerity


Great partnerships show that we are on the right path. We want to help the evolution of the motorcycle world. We really appreciate everyone that suports us. Together we'll go far!

Salão Duas Rodas
RoadStock Brasil
ChopperOn Brasil
Chopperhead Garage

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The Dreamers

Complementary knowledge with the same passion


Henrique “Egg” Costa

Business Strategy


Cristiano “Kiu” Souto



Pedro Resende


Join our Journey
and contribute to the experience and safety of your ride.

Where we wanna go. What we wanna do.

We started small to get big fast. For that, we need your help. Take a look where we are heading and tell us what you think.


Soon we will launch an Android version. That way all of your friends can ride together.


Win badges for routes, mileage and frequency. Compete against your friends and other groups. This could get you gifts and surprises.

Big Data

Riding with the Just Ride Along app on, will provide tons of information to help our plans and experience, keeping riders safe.


GPS Tracker

We are building a perfect device to power up the real time tracking of your bike, and prevent your passion from being stolen.


We know some, but we want to know all of your bike needs to help you take care of her. With a soon to be launch gadget the app will read in real time everything that your bike does, consume, burn out when it needs maintenance.

Brand interaction

Stay updated with your motorcycle brands, find out new bike releases, maintenance schedules, recalls, alerts, events and promotions.

Latest posts

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RoadStock 2015. Unique experience. Fantastic partnership.

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5 Reasons Every Entrepreneur Should Ride A Motorcycle

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About tracking and broken group alert

The idea of a warning to alert of a broken group of riders or to don’t leave anyone behind came out of pure necessity. Who of us never got lost of the group you riding by mistake, either by taking the wrong exit or leaving a little late? It was

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