RoadStock 2015. Unique experience. Fantastic partnership.

Photo by @tomandorumo

Just Ride Along sponsored and partnered up with RoadStock Brazil in 2015, by offering the app to be the organizing, planning and real-time tracking tool of all registered riders. By itself the partnership has been sensational, but we had to live this experience as well. Then, on Friday, July the 31st, we were there to hit the road.


RoadStock Brazil is a ride throughout 1000 miles that happened in Minas Gerais, Brazil. By the mantra High Milage and Low Drama, the ride was all about the road, not the destinations itself. With great views and landscapes the riders took their bikes for 3 days and 2 nights of friendship, adrenalin, wind and beers.
We had two different experiences and points of views. Kiu by bike and Pedro by support car. Below each one tells a little about this amazing adventure.


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