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About tracking and broken group alert

The idea of a warning to alert of a broken group of riders or to don’t leave anyone behind came out of pure necessity. Who of us never got lost of the group you riding by mistake, either by taking the wrong exit or leaving a little late? It was just what we were thinking when we define some of the main features we wanted for our APP.


And This feature was essential.

In one of our bike trips, we realized that this was important and that this problem can be serious if we don’t have the right resources in our hands.


We went to the Harley Davidson’s 110th anniversary in Milwaukee, thirteen couples in rented motorcycles across nearly half of the United States to attend a party. The destination was Chicago, where we should return the bikes, from New York, through the Niagara Falls and Cleveland, Ohio. You must have the confidence that everything will work out to go on a trip like this. Not all of us had a GPS on the bike and most of us only study the route on paper, kept the direction in our minds and really trusted our road captain. In the worst predictions, we should leave Queens NY where we rented the bikes, at about 11 am, to go 411 miles (658 km) and arrive in Niagara Falls with daylight, around 7 pm. But things do not turn out as well as we planned.




We managed to get everything ready to leave around 2 pm, already in a hurry and willing to chase the lost time. By the time we were ready to leave, the front riders started without waiting for the signal that we were all ready to go and a red light at the wrong time left myself and a friend behind. The group continued without us. Guided by a cellphone GPS (we did not bring ours) and a primordial phone call, we ended up finding the group after almost an hour and a half later.


First day lesson:

At unknown locations, you must ensure that all riders are ready, seddled up, with helmets and gloves on before leaving. Without knowing the way, who is behind may have problems to join the group later.


And like that we came up with one of the most important features of our app, the incident alert. This feature, when activeted, will push a information to other riders that are riding with you informing that something is wrong. That could help a lot of people, or even save lives.

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