RoadStock 2015. Unique experience. Fantastic partnership.

Just Ride Along sponsored and partnered up with RoadStock Brazil in 2015, by offering the app to be the organizing, planning and real-time tracking tool of all registered riders. By itself the partnership has been sensational, but we had to live this experience as well. Then, on Friday, July the 31st, we were there to hit the road.


RoadStock Brazil is a ride throughout 1000 miles that happened in Minas Gerais, Brazil. By the mantra High Milage and Low Drama, the ride was all about the road, not the destinations itself. With great views and landscapes the riders took their bikes for 3 days and 2 nights of friendship, adrenalin, wind and beers.
We had two different experiences and points of views. Kiu by bike and Pedro by support car. Below each one tells a little about this amazing adventure.


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5 Reasons Every Entrepreneur Should Ride A Motorcycle

by Dwain M. Deville, Inc.


I just read a great post that combines motorcycle and entreprenuership. Nothing more in tune about what we are trying to do here. I found this on Business Insider. Check it out.


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About tracking and broken group alert

The idea of a warning to alert of a broken group of riders or to don’t leave anyone behind came out of pure necessity. Who of us never got lost of the group you riding by mistake, either by taking the wrong exit or leaving a little late? It was just what we were thinking when we define some of the main features we wanted for our APP.


And This feature was essential.

In one of our bike trips, we realized that this was important and that this problem can be serious if we don’t have the right resources in our hands.

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Babes Ride Out // GoPro

Babes Ride Out founders Ashmore Ellis and Anya Violet wanted to create an environment where women can come together to share their cross country journeys, triumphs, close calls and disasters on the bike. GoPro Production Artists Tina Marchman and Annemarie Hennes joined these five hundred ladies in Joshua Tree for this women’s only event. See what happens when they hit the open road.

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An interesting thing has happened lately: the motorcycle community is evolving.

Who said that is RevZilla, a online motorcycle store. And we are glad that someone else feel the same way that we do.

The community is evolving, the bikes are evolving and the brands are too. Helping this evolution is our main goal.


Check out the context that RevZilla put their statement. Read the whole post.

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How to build a great cafe racer

Everybody that is thinking about building his own cafe racer is imperative some study and knowledge. So as I’m trying to put together my first I’m compiled some of the best post I could find on the matter. Most came out from Bike Exif. But The Bike Shed, Iron and Air, Cafe Racer Dream, Cafe Racer United and Pipeburn are great inspiration as well.


If you want just some great cafe racer pictures to be inspire by, check out our pinterest board on cafe racers.

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Guadallupe’s story and how I made this bike at my garage.

Just Ride Along is much more than a riders app. We love motocycles. We live motorcycles.


This story began in 2008 when I had the bright idea to customize my own bike. I’ve always loved to tinker, disassemble, improve, give my face at things. With bikes it has never been different, but that one I would like to do as much with my own hands. Other bikes were normal customizations, milder, using bolt on parts and accessories that are common and easy to buy. This time the goal was to go beyond, was to create and learn, was to build something that does not come off a shelf. Read more

The Motorcycle Film Festival

The Motorcycle Film Festival is an idea whose time has come: we are in the midst of the biggest creative boom centered on motorcycles since the 1970s. Every motorcycle customizer has an in-house filmmaker, and every hip moto-event from Biarritz to Melbourne has built-in paparazzi; we can re-live the antics of fellow bikers on YouTube, or gasp at masterworks from talented videographers, who often unwittingly work side by side. The massive, youthful rise of moto-mania has excited big motorcycle factories to collaborate with rising garage artists, and has inspired professional filmmakers that now is the time to produce that long-dreamt two-wheel feature film.

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Produção de motos recua em 2014, mas segmento de grandes cilindradas cresce 10%.

A Moto Movimento publicou uma matéria com o cenário motociclístico de 2014, no Brasil. Por mais que o mercado retraiu, as motos de alta cilindradas ganharam mercado. Essa tendência foi percebida e aproveitada por grande marcas, trazendo suas motos para nosso mercado emergente.

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